Why Online or e-Learning?

423Training U e-learning courses were created to aid individuals that would like training on a variety of topics and courses of certificate study. We are here to provide meaningful education and information that fits the busy schedules of each individual to help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

Resource recommendations, relevant course curriculum, online video links are also supplied to the student to aid in this process. The facilitator/ mentor is available to individuals online to review material, mark assignments, comment, and advise each individual. The mentor/facilitator will challenge, encourage, answer questions, and supports each individual person.

How does Online course interaction work?

Individuals are encouraged to read course materials and complete projects and assignments at a time that is convenient for them. Schedule suggestions will be implemented for many courses. Course assignments are available on the platform and students can send messages to the Mentor/Instructor and fellow participants and stay connected on community connect. We have courses with multiple different formats to choose from.  Participants are usually given a deadline for completion of their specific course.

Smart, self-motivated learners
enroll in 423 Training U because we offer:

  • Graduation ceremony or recognition once the course is completed
  • Be equipped and empowered to be released in your potential
  • Certificate training for real-world careers
  • Active Online student community
  • Personal mentoring support
  • 100% self-paced lessons or mentored timelines
  • In-home learning saves time and expenses
  • Flexible learning on your schedule
  • Professional uniquely specialized course training
  • Free and affordable course fees

Online Courses Starting Soon