Regret and Remorse

This morning I had a dream about my past and when I awoke I asked God what was that? I heard in my spirit – ‘regret and remorse’ now deal with it.
This was my response!

Regret and Remorse

Today I called out regret and remorse
I saw them in their hiding place
I recognized them from the memories I wanted to have and the decisions I never made

They stared back at me daring me to look them in the face
I began to scream inside for them to leave me alone and to just go away

Regret stepped up boldly and told me I was a mistake
Then remorse suddenly jump out at me and scared me awake

I’m sorry…
I was scared
I’m sorry
Fear was my friend
I’m so sorry
I can’t go back
I’m sorry
This is how it ends
Please forgive me…

Sirens blazing
Emotional police arrive
Smoke is rising
Can’t escape like Bonny and Clyde
They got your description
This time you can’t hide

I will no longer hang my head in regret, remorse and shame
I will own my choices and decisions
And not ‘Eve’ away my blame

I am responsible
For the path I have taken
for where I am today
I have personal power and freedom
So regret and remorse must disapate

No more hide and seek
No more dab and duck
No more tag you can’t touch me
I no longer give a ?$&!

Did I say that?

Please forgive me but I am dealing with the big guns now and they don’t play

I pointed my finger straight at regret and remorse
I named them and called them out today.

Charmaine Hinds. February 15, 2020

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