The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs


There once was a goose that lived on a farm and she had one job to do- lay eggs for the farmer. But sadly, she created the perfect nest and for many years the farmer would come to check, and yet she would have produced nothing.

She was a lover of all things that mattered. She loved Truth. She obeyed commands not out of fear but Love. She loved others with an unfiltered unashamed Love that went beyond anything human. She laid down her life to pick up the life that was offered her. But there was one thing that was elusive to her and that was her sense of true identity.

In Truth, she longed to touch the face of her highest self and of the Devine.

In her beginning stages of life, she was left abandoned, hurt, and detached from,  holding her umbilical cord in her hands. She was left alone to find her own way home. With no homing beacon to let her know that she was loved, cared for, and wanted- that she was safe. There was no one to remind her of her original origin and amazing personal power. Or so she believed.

Her spirit knew that she came from the ultimate Source of Love. But as she became tethered to the stories that were being told to her. As she claimed each one as her own and began to retell them to herself, her memory began to fade and it became more elusive and distant. As she grew with each passing year fear became her nemesis and her greatest ally, causing her to constantly and consistently feel the game of “tug of war” happening within her.

Her memory loop kept playing her long playlists of past failures in attempts at depositing doubt, delay, and division. She was daily reminded of the broken thugs and slippery thieves that stole the love that she and her kind were so freely giving away. Returning to her warped forms of selfish love, all because they had become conditioned to believe that love was finite and limited.

In the midst of 7 billion-plus strangers, she hid her true self away and could not re-connect to the higher parts of herself that longed to lift her out of the lowly existence she found herself abiding in. She had allowed disappointment to create and grow an identity of worthlessness.

Until one day the goose laid the golden egg. The farmer became elated and praised her for doing the impossible. He now came to love the goose as a commodity to produce for him.

It was during a time of open windows that unexpectedly undiminished love had begun to grow inside of her and it was such a mythical experience that it often took her out of her comfort and security to become vulnerable and lay down the selfish ambitions she had begun to persistently pursue.

Hope returned to her and she began to believe again and allow the faith of a new journey to strip away the hard, callous wall of debris that she had erected with the lowest level of impulses to protect that which she was commissioned to give away on the day of her heavenly assignment.

As love grew and developed and reached full maturity it carried her with it into the moment of her highest act of courage, bravery, and freedom.

The birth of another spiritual being.

At this moment she knew everything and that truly she knew nothing at all. That day at that moment in and out of time, the veil was so thin that she remembered where she came from and why she was on this low- level planet. This spirit that she was safely transporting into this realm came as a messenger to remind her of her true assignment. And but for a brief moment, all was well as fortune had favored the brave.

Then the goose began to die.

The poison that the farmer used to kill the goose that laid the golden egg was slow-acting and would allow the goose to continue to lay a few more eggs before it would permanently close its eyes forever. He was afraid and could not risk everyone else finding out about what the goose could do.

With the release of each golden egg, the eyes of her understanding were opened until she was fully awake and understood that she was to transcend beyond the contamination of this moral environment. It was the death of a thousand lifetimes that was now quickening her to become fully alive.

With Matrix-like movement, she began to move outside of the confines and constructs of time fully aware of the power of collective consciousness.   With renewed fervor, she began with her spirit to plan with full presence and power. She no longer needed permission as she had the keys firmly grasped within her hands.

No more avoiding reality and allowing the movie screen to dictate to her what was supposedly real and was in actuality a well-executed illusion.

She was fully connected to the Source. Love had helped her find her way home; she was ready now for ascension.

So, the goose understood that she was not here to lay golden eggs for a selfish, poor farmer that operated out of greed and fear. Her impending death was more of a victory than a diabolical scheme. It would allow her to shed the skin of limitation and pick up the torch and carry the flame of greatness without cognitive dissonance.

She was no longer dispassionate and disconnected from the heart. The Source was leading and guiding her into her shining spear of true purpose, away from worrying about yesterday, today or tomorrow. She now had a vantage point of the highest vibration. She was perfection in progress.




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