The Tree in the ROCK

There is a picture that I am unable to forget, an image that has stayed with me forever.

A sight to behold way deep in the Elora Gorge. A metaphor for those that have understanding. A story that must be told.

There stands a tree majestic and tall, not on the ground, but on a large ragged rock.

At first glance, you wonder how can this be? A tree needs soil and water to grow, its roots need to go deep in the ground.  Then after a brief moment, the revelation dawns on you… The tree has found a way to live by standing on the ROCK.

Patience and time have been on its side and it has found a way to gain all that it needs from the ROCK that it stands upon. It has not grown crooked but has stood firm by wrapping its roots around and into the ROCK.  There must be water in the ROCK! Praise God. This once tiny tree shrub has weathered many a storm, adversity and the odds to become more than just a living tree in the middle of a forest. It has become a sight to behold, a phenomena, a testimony, a living message. A message that states that anything, yes anything that plants itself on the ROCK and perseveres, will not only live but flourish and speak a louder message than your average maple, pine, spruce, willow or oak tree.

I challenge you this day to uproot yourself out of the status quo, away from the norm, become unique and all He called you to be. Don’t just stand upon the ROCK, live upon the ROCK, abide in the ROCK, may you and the ROCK become ONE.


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