My principle designer gift is Leader/ Ruler according to Romans 12:7 and my main motivation for everything I do is Freedom.

There was once a time when I thought I was free and a spiritual father of mine told me that he saw a picture of me in a room with a white straight jacket on and that Jesus wanted to set me free. At this time in my life I felt so free from what I thought and how others viewed me and I saw others in the church bound by all the rules and regulations and in comparison I seemed free to myself. Because of this I had a difficult time understanding what he was trying to say to me.

Then God gave me this parable picture. I saw this in sort of like a vision Movie in my eyes while I was awake.

There is a bird and she is in a cage and this is all she has ever known. She is free to fly around that cage all her life and she feels so free until one day the cage door is left open and she ventures past the safety and security of what she as always known and begins to fly around the room.  As she experiences this new found freedom in flight that she never knew before, it will be very hard for you to put her back in the cage and for her to be satisfied. She will long for the feeling of freedom she felt flying outside of this cage she had been placed in. She was never created to be locked in a cage and now her heart knows this.

Greater yet if she got out of the cage and then the door to that room was opened and she was able to fly around the house or greater yet one day if the front door to the house was opened she may never return as she now has seen that her limitations were not true freedom. She would then be able to be free to do what she was created for and to do- fly freely wherever the wind would take her.

This picture has always stayed with me and I get freer everyday. I take risks and do new things, I break old patterns of thinking and create new paridigms and systems by just opening one door at a time.

I am always in transition into greater levels of freedom. My desire for every person I have contact with, is for them to experience this type of journey-freedom to freedom. It is so liberating and it gives you perpetual permission to be “you”.

My prayer is that you would not let fear of the unknown hold you back from going through the doors he is opening for you today.



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