The Role of Skill in Anointed Worship Dance

There are many different types of worship dance and many reasons for worship dance. When discussing the role of skill in dance in the context of worship we must take these aspects into consideration.

  1. Skill brings beauty and excellence to our worship
    What we bring forward should reflect God and He is a God of beauty and excellence.
    Anything he has created was with beauty in mind. We are to be creative in the same manner, for we are made in His image.
    Psalms 27:4, Exodus 15:7, Psalm 48,
  2. Skill in any art brings breadth and clarity of expression
    The more skill a dancer has the more he or she will be able to clearly express a larger range of styles and emotions.
  3. Skill reflects the cost and value of true worship
    The worship of a skilled dancer has a cost and value of many years of diligent study and practice. Give God your time and inabilities and He will transform your nothing into something. Do not offer unto the Lord Junk. 2 Samuel 24:24- David refused to bring to God something that cost Him nothing.
  4. Skill brings liberty in worship
    The unskilled dancer is in ‘bondage’ to the mechanics of operating his/her body. Skill releases the mind from that bondage so that we can concentrate on what the Holy Spirit is saying through the dance.
    Ezekiel 44:18- Ezekiel calls for the priest to wear nothing that causes “sweat” in the execution of his office. May we as priest develop our skills, bringing forth an effortlessness to our dances, so that even when challenged to execute the most difficult passages, we can respond by saying “no sweat”.
  5. Skill brings authority in worship
    Throughout scripture skill is one of the important skills of leadership. Remember though, that God will use the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. Just because you may begin as an unskilled leader that is not the place He would have you to stay. Danie1:4,17 and Psalm 78:72
  6. All skill is to be ultimately surrendered to God
    Though skill does play an importance in worship dance, obedience to God is where we lay down all skill and allow God to be the leader in our dance. We acknowledge that all skill without the leading of His Spirit is not worship dance.
  7. The pursuit of skill allows Christian character to be developed
    The regimen of practice produces patience, self control and humility. We need to be teachable. Artistic discipline is our responsibility and though God is sovereign, and the Holy Spirit is amazing, we must still do on our part what is possible and allow God to then do the impossible.

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