To Believe

Every day we face a choice that many dont even recognize or acknowledge. The choice to believe. The choice to choose is ours and no one elses.

What is it that you believe? Do you believe that when you go to take in the air that you need to survive that not only will there be enough, but that it will sustain you or do you just breathe?
Do you get up to walk and believe that your legs are strong enough to hold the weight of your body? Or do you take it for granted that everyone walks and that you have done it for so long that it is a given. How about life do you believe that you are here for a purpose or are you just some random set of molecules walking around taking up space until you die. What about death do you believe that when you die you become non-existent or do you believe in an afterlife?

Do not be mistaken each of these takes an act of either belief, doubt or unbelief.
Because we believe we act and how we act continues to shape the rest of our beliefs and ultimately our lives.

So take some time today and examine what it is that you truly believe. But be careful many times we face what we think we believe and it is not founded on anything- or maybe on something someone else believed and told us. Let us look for truth as we establish what we believe and to make it even more difficult lets not forget to add Faith, Love and Hope into the equation.

A definition from Wikipedia is:
 is the psychological state in which an individual holds a proposition or premise to be true.

I challenge you today to let it be more than a psychological state, but for you to add truth to what you believe. And then see where you stand.

Psalm 116:10

believed, therefore have I spoken


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