I Found a Nugget Today

I found a nugget today

Amidst the past hurt, heartache, tears and pain

As it turned from dark and ugly into light and even shiny gold

When they turned it around, I saw it from a different set of eyes

My quest for powerful and freedom had turned into struggle

Because I failed again to understand that creative tension is a must

For nothing can exist without this

As I was enlightened about my present quandary,

I remembered again about my design and the delight I felt when another fully experienced what I bring to the table.

So through the birthing canal I came, transitioning once again

With Doulas and Midwives present, with Wisdom and Womanhood watching

I was powerful once more in the center of my weakness,

Sweet surrender to what is and what will be

Embracing the Truth I have found in me, tears falling


These stories are my future not my painful past

Moving forward… each hurtful piece collectively making the nugget bigger than the last


As this resonates, it also illuminates and dissipates into my life in a thousand places

Past, present, future.


In a moment in time I learned a valuable lesson so rich

This pathway is my choice, no one forced me into it


So, I will take this treasure chest of nuggets and go where ever they lead me tomorrow

Allowing my cup to be filled with joy, pleasure, delight, great expectation, pain, regret and sorrow


Cause, I found a nugget today

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