Not In the Cemetery

The day of the cemetery draws nearer every morning and every night

we take inventory of the number of our days…

The many books that I have yet to pen can not be heard in the tunnels of the catacombs

Nor  beautiful dances created in the hallows of the graveyard

My words that have power and meaning will only bounce off of a closed casket

What a tragedy if my headstone should be engraved with here lies a woman that did not fulfill her purpose

No flowers will be there to mourn the many unfulfilled ideas, visions, dreams and gifts

Not in the darkness where they bury the dead for eternity

The fence around the cemetery locks in many people who have died this type of death

And it is not well with my soul

We all came into this world a treasure chest full of potential

with the intention to manifest the glory of God

Never surrender the treasures within you to a cemetery plot

The things you are to accomplish should not become fertilizer for the burial grounds

Refuse to allow your God given dreams to be entombed

And living visions to become buried nightmares

Riches are not to be hoarded but while there is still the life of day

But used to spread the light to all that are in the dark

The graveyard is but a thief and a robber

Stealing away forever the rich deposits that you have not yet given to this world

That the forces of death desire to lock in a crypt in a mausoleum

One agreement you should make with death- “I purpose to die empty and you will get nothing”

You will not benefit from my last breath

For I will accomplish my task and run my race to the finish

For He has placed this treasure in earthen vessels …

And I have uncovered and know my intrinsic wealth and value

My worth has only multiplied and been added to the kingdom

I have been given gifts to give

Talent to share

Ideas to enrich the world

Potential to be released

Inspiration to shape this next generation

I will not leave them in God’s acre to be silenced forever

I will to die like my role model- saying to the world “it is finished”

Therefore my last will and testament will testify                                                                                                           And my place of internment will become my place of rest

Not in the cemetery!

C.Hinds (c) 2013

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