Happy Mothers Day

I would like to start a mother’s day card company that specializes in the following types of cards.
How about a card to leave at your mother’s final resting place. Mother’s day can be a bittersweet time for those that are grieving the loss of their mother. I would make the suggestion of a card that you can write your heart of thanks to your departed loved mother and float it down a river or send it in a memorial balloon that flies away in the sky.

Then there are the cards that need to be an apology for not appreciating your mother throughout the year. Mother’s day can be an excuse for many children as the one day that they appreciate someone that has given a lifetime of service and sacrifice. Sending a card once a year is not honoring to mothers that deserve phone calls, regular visits, and flowers for no reason at all.

How about the card for the father that was the mother as well. To appreciate their attempt to be there in both roles when a mother had been absent for any reason.

What about making a card for mothers that have lost their children from apprehension, adoption, death, or another type of loss. These mothers are still mothers and this day can be especially difficult for them. Maybe we could start a dear God program where you can mail a card with the hopes that your child would receive it someday.

We really need to think about a card for those with a strained relationship with the woman they call mother. Something that acknowledges that she gave birth to them but that doesn’t include all the mushy mother’s day messages that they have not personally experienced. Maybe they have a mother that as adults they have a strained relationship with but they still want to acknowledge that they love her. Or not. Just a card that says Thank you.

Then I would create a card for foster mothers, spiritual mothers, and those substitute neighborhood moms that never gave birth to the child but that nurtured, loved, invested into the life of someone as an extension of a more universal family.

And last on my ideas is a Dear Mother-in-law … card. This one is self-explanatory.

I want cards for mothers that are living away from their children, incarcerated, in treatment programs, in the army, working abroad, or otherwise.

On this Mother’s day take some time and remember those people you know that may be dealing with a different type of mothers day than is viewed by the masses and include them in the celebrations. Happy Mother’s Day!

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