New Beginnings 8.0

I was trying to upload a new app to my I phone and was unable to because it required me to upgrade my phone to the new 8.0 iOS. Now I had been avoiding upgrading my phone for almost a year because I was unsure and afraid that I would lose some of my contacts, music and information and secondly I was really comfortable now with my 6.0 and didn’t want to have to relearn the new way things would be done.

But this new app was apart of the new thing God was doing in my life and I needed it on my phone. So I decided to just do it. After saying yes to the upgrade I waited anxiously as it installed to see if I would lose anything. I had previously synced my phone to my computer and also to “The CLOUD”( whatever and wherever that is?) and just prayed that everything would be ok.

After about 45 minutes my phone came back on looking brighter, newer and unfamiliar to me. I took a deep breath and began to explore the great unknown once more. I now was in the upgrade world of 8.0.

My contacts were there, my apps were there and my music was there. I began to wonder what the big fuss was all about. There were a few things that I didn’t know how to do and I just asked a friend who had upgraded their phone and in minutes I was doing the “new thing”.

Well I had to prepare for a workshop that I was doing and I went into my music and nothing would play. It was there but I was unable to access it. After some panic and a few deep breaths I calmed down and realized that maybe I need to sync my phone to my computer again to activate everything. So I plugged in my USB cord and pressed SYNC. Then my phone came up with a message that said TRUST / DON’T TRUST this computer. I tapped TRUST as I knew the source and wanted to have the connection. This Icon would reappear a few times as I tried various attempts to sync but nothing happened. So I continually kept tapping the TRUST button. After going to the help section a message came to me that my computer needed to be upgraded to a higher iOS to be able to sync with my newly upgraded phone.

So again I went into trust mode as I upgraded my computer to 12.0.

Then the syncing began. It was a slow process as my phone now shared information and received information from my computer and “The CLOUD”.  Every few minutes my phone would power down and the TRUST/DON’T TRUST this computer box would pop up and I just kept tapping TRUST.

Then God began to speak.

Many of us have received a call to upgrade 8.0. But due to fear of the unknown and fear that we may lose some of what we have already gained we have procrastinated to install the upgrade. The upgrade works out some of the bugs in our system, it improves they way we do things and it adds some new features that are really cool.

But even though we receive and install the upgrade we also need to sync ourselves BODY, SPIRIT, MIND and SOUL. We need to allow “the CLOUD” to download all the new information necessary to enable us to RUN this new programming.  We don’t need to fear we need to allow the SYNC and to TRUST the process.

After this my music slowly came back onto my phone along with a few other things that I was unaware that were unable to function until the SYNCing. Then my ICLOUD account asked me for my password.

I put my old password which was “Dancerlady”. It rejected it and told me that I needed to create a new one. The RESET button now appeared. This was another message to me that when you upgrade to 8.0 you cant access “The CLOUD” in the same manner. You need to reset your access code. So I changed it to the new business name.

Now I was ready for the new thing God was doing. Incidentally the number 8 is the number for new beginnings.

Go ahead today and receive your upgrade to 8.0!!!

Charmaine Hinds

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