10 Ways to launch your new Book with Physical Distancing Challenges

Physical distancing has been instituted, and you just launched or finished your new book.
With no conferences, festivals, launch parties, and book tours happening or possibly having to be canceled for the next few months what can an author do in this “new normal” to promote and sell their book?
Many are turning to social media platforms to connect with their readers in innovative new ways.
From hosting virtual book launches via Zoom, Instagram, and Facebook Live videos to sharing personal happenings of a writer’s life, many authors are overcoming physical distancing challenges through the use of popular social media platforms.

Here are some examples of a few things you can do to reach your audience in this brave new world.

  1. Host a Virtual Zoom book release and launch party
  2. Live Q&As via social Media
  3. Make a list of all of the people that you can send an inviting email to purchase your book
  4. Have a contest/ giveaway of your book (don’t forget to get emails!)
  5. Stay connected to your fans and other writers via your own social media page
  6. Create a sale for a specified time and mail your book (find the cheapest and most effective way)
  7. Get your book on Amazon or another online bookstore distributor
  8. Turn it into an eBook/ audiobook format and launch it on an eBook bookstore
  9. Create a complimenting e-Learning course during this season at home and sell your book alongside it
  10. Meet weekly with those reading your book for a book group
  11. Great time to reach out to online bookstores and promote your book


 10 BONUS suggestions for those authors/writers that are wondering what to do with themselves during this unique time of waiting.

  1. Get to writing the next great amazing Book idea that you had
  2. Re-decorate your writing space
  3. Start a new writers group using social media to encourage other writers
  4. Create a series of blog posts that highlight your book
  5. Create a FaceBook Media Page for your books
  6. Build your fan base by creating funnel emails to market your book in a new way!
  7. Give your website a fresh new look
  8. Create your Brand
  9. Take a writing course online
  10. Join a Mastermind group for writers

Use one or all of these to get back on track to accomplish the goals and objectives that you had set prior to this time of social Distancing. It is time to adapt and this can be just the time you needed to design and recreate your future. Don’t let it hinder you- cause it to inspire you!

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  1. User Avatar
    May 28, 2020

    Thank you Charmaine. It’s encouraging to know, I’ve done # 7 and 8. I was hoping to do # 9, but it just isn’t the right time for the course right now.
    I’m going to think about # 2, 4, 11, especially if I get some one to come along side of me.

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